New Kepler Six [16.08.2017]

Kepler Six Premier

he greater the flexibility of a motorhome, the easier it is to use it for 365 days in the year. The new Kepler Six impresses with its variable space concept, the like of which is difficult to find.

At the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf, Westfalia will present not only the new Columbus 540 D and the Sven Hedin, but also a completely newly developed motorhome: the Kepler Six. This flexible all-rounder is based on the Volkswagen T6 with long wheelbase. Here again, the vehicle concept demonstrates that Westfalia specialises in compact vehicles that are suitable for everyday use without having to forgo the comfort of a "proper" motorhome. Easy parking and suitable for the beach are natural givens, while the comfort of a kitchen and a wash facility go without saying. With this unique concept, Westfalia now builds four different vehicles with a height of less than 2 metres, including the successfully launched Club Joker City, Jules Verne and Kepler One.

A special highlight of this latest model of the Jules Verne and Kepler series is its nearly boundless flexibility. The name already reveals one of its biggest advantages: the Kepler Six can carry up to six persons. The secret lies in the space concept at the rear of the vehicle. With a system of rails, customers decide how they want to travel. With or without a double bed; with two, three or four seats. Because – obviously – the seats can also be arranged behind each other, there is enough space for carrying surfboards, mountain bikes, or skis in winter.

And when customers need to transport something, they can also remove the modular components from the rear and then have a large loading platform available, for example for purchasing furniture.

And the Kepler Six impresses not only with its function and sleeping accommodation for up to four people, but also with its modern automotive interior design – which sets a benchmark. It combines warm, contrasting dark wood finishes with the chic of highly reflective white surfaces. The suitability for travel has been maximised with intelligent storage solutions and innovative ideas, such as storage boxes beneath the individual seats.
Westfalia quality and an impressive finish are more reasons for ensuring that the Kepler Six will become another milestone in its class. Not to forget the price; at EUR 51,900, Westfalia is making a more than attractive offer for the fitting-out of this basic vehicle with a comprehensive range equipment.


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