Caravan Salon Düsseldorf 2015 [24.08.2015]

Flexible and suitable for everyday use- the new Amundsen 600E

On the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf Westfalia will present with the Amundsen 600E another modell  of the latest series. In an interview, Head of R&D, Thomas Siegert explains the motivation and targets set with this vehicles.

Mr. Siegert, on the Caravansalon 2015 in Düsseldorf Westfalia will present the new Amundsen 600E. What was the actually challenge developing this vehicle?

Siegert: Well the challenge was to use the capability of the Amundsen 540 combined with the self-sufficient energy supply in camping mode, in a six meter long vehicle.
Furthermore it is possible to choose between a two single-beds or a large double-bed.

How would you describe the vehicle?

Siegert: With three adjectives: compact, variable and suitable for everyday use.
The new Amundsen 600 E brings huge storage space, comfortable beds and a separate bathroom in a compact vehicle.
Our modern, bright and distinguished automotive design shows all the new development and you will recognize the typical Westfalia DNA !

Where do you see the product benefits of the Amundsen 600E ?

Siegert: Especially in the wet room area we wanted a separated solution.
As we wanted an everyday functionality solution with a sliding room divider was for us not an alternative.
A very large storage space and the independence of the electricity and gas cylinders make this vehicle special, particularly in its class!
What distinguishes the new Amundsen 600E in your eyes, especially when compared with its competitor vehicles?

Siegert: With a Truma Combi diesel heater and a compressor refrigerator,  the vehicle is completely self-sufficient. The fridge itself is located at the kitchen front a bath room leaves no moisture in the interior, and the annoying sliding together of shower elements despairs.

The vehicle is developed, planned and cleverly thought out down to the smallest detail. It was build with the requirements of an Amundsen 540D but has more storage, space and flexibility specially in the sleeping area.

Who would you recommend an Amundsen 600E?

Siegert: The Amundsen 600E is a wonderfully variable vehicle. It appeals to couple that travels alone and at the same time the family with children.
With the large rear storage space in the back its possible to go shopping in a furniture market, or store sports equipment for the holidays clean and easy in no time!

Therefore we consider the Amundsen 600E as a perfect vehicle for everyday use.

Mr. Siegert, thank you very much for the interview.

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