Westfalia - Amundsen

Living - Stylish, bright and inviting

With more than 60 years of experience, Westfalia is a real pioneer in
motor home manufacturing. We not only bring these decades of experience to the development of new vehicles, but also the passion and enthusiasm of our employees can be felt and lived in each vehicle that leaves our factories in Wiedenbrück in Westphalia. This is also true for the new Amundsen.

Once you enter the Amundsen you will immediately be struck by the inviting and bright interior design of this youngest addition to the Westfalia family. The materials and colours used form a pleasing whole and give a lively and fresh appearance to the Amundsen interior. The white colour of the furniture flaps, the low-key grey upholstery, and the silver and black highlights make for a contemporary and high-quality overall impression.

The double bench was developed exclusively for the Amundsen and includes two seats with safety belts. Its appeal lies in its very comfortable and ergonomically shaped cushions. Turning the driver and passenger seats 180 degrees creates a cosy sitting area, where up to four people can sit comfortably. During the day the large windows admit plenty of light and at night a carefully designed illumination system will keep everyone in bright spirits. See for yourself. Come inside and upgrade to the Westfalia class.

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